About Mag Row

From the moment Pokémon first captured my heart, I embarked on a thrilling journey. I vividly remember those days of buying Pokémon cards at KB Toys, Toys R Us, and K-Mart, meticulously collecting every holo card that came my way, with the notable exception of the coveted Charizard. Little did I know that these cards, now cherished by collectors worldwide, would one day hold significant value. Life took a turn when my eldest daughter (Maggie) entered the world, shifting my focus towards providing for my growing family. Despite relocating from apartment to apartment for about five years, my trusty Pokémon cards remained by my side, neatly organized within an old binder. It wasn't until 2015, following the arrival of my second daughter (Rowan), that I reignited my passion for collecting. Little did I realize that this rekindled passion would eventually lead to the creation of my very own Pokémon business. Today, my life is a testament to the enduring love for Pokémon. I relish attending events like Collectacon, where I have the privilege of meeting fellow Pokémon enthusiasts and connecting with the vibrant Pokémon community. It's in these moments of collecting, bonding, and sharing the Pokémon spirit that I find pure joy and fulfillment."